Explore the unfamiliarities in our world & Engage more people in this journey

Inspired by my trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Serbia.

Wind & Chair

A website of curated daily activities that nourish your interest in different countries and cultures.

Branding & UX & UI Design


Reimagine sex for Chinese girls as a playful and intimate experiment to explore our body, sensation and desire

UI & UX Design


A travel app that plans everything for you. Just pick a route, follow the instructions and enjoy the adventure! 

To reintroduce Camus’ underrated posthumous novel through his childhood between poverty and the dazzling Mediterranean sun

Restaurant Branding


The oracle bone script inspired branding brings out Chinese congee’s comforting nature and culture richness

Visually express the stirring power—one’s covert struggle in an repressive age—behind a classical music piece to resonate with uncustomary audience

Book cover

On the Road

One of my attempt to feature a literary work’s atmosphere and themes more than its fame for young readers

Layout Design

We are not able to live in a better age

Concept Store

Mnemos Island

Purchase new memories here for yourself to feel different 


A story of a child seeking independent self by colliding with the world’s dark side, told by typography


As a historic landmark and natural habitat, Green-Wood is about the stories of lives — both the past ones and the living ones.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles